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Struts 2 Merge Tag Example

Struts 2 merge tag is used to merge more than one lists or maps into a single list or map. You may also describe as, it will merge View details »

Struts 2 Append Tag Example

On this page, you will learn how to concatenate the multiple lists into a single list. To do this type operation Struts 2 provide the View details »

Struts 2 Validation Example using Validate Method and XML File

In this Struts 2 tutorial, you will learn how to validate the input of the form using struts validation. You can validate input of form in two ways View details »

Struts 2 Multiple Namespace Example

Struts 2 namespace provides a functionality to resolve the conflict between same actions names located at different modules. We can define the multiple View details »

Struts 2 Multiple Configuration File Example

If you are planning to develop a large scale Struts based application, you must aware with the include file functionality of View details »

Secure Random Number Example in Java

In Java programming language, we normally use the Math.random() to generate random number but Math.random() will causes the vulnerability in your application. To generate the cryptographically strong random number, Java provides the View details »

Dynamic Pie Chart Example using Struts 2 and Highchart

In this Struts 2 tutorial, we are going to create the Pie Chart using Highcharts. Highcharts is a pure JavaScript based charting library meant to enhance web applications by View details »

Configure/Install Spring Framework in Eclipse IDE

Hi Friends, Welcome to Spring Framework tutorials on Before starting all the other things, first we need to configure/install Spring framework in your View details »

What is pharmacy and Scope of pharmacy?

Pharmacy is the profession, which is the concern with the art and science of preparing from natural and synthetic sources, suitable and convenient material for distribution and use View details »

Introduction, Types and Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes! We normally call it sugar or high blood sugar or high blood glucose level. In our body glucose come from food that we eat and our liver also made. View details »

How to block direct access of File using htaccess

In this htaccess tutorial, we are going show how you can prevent the direct access of file/URL of your website. View details »

WAMP/XAMPP Server - .htaccess redirect rule not working on localhost

Sometimes developer facing the issue that redirect rule is not working on the local machine and get the message like View details »

How to get canonical URL using JavaScript or jQuery

This article will help you to obtain the web site canonical URL set in the head section. Canonical URL helps the search engines that certain similar URLs are actually View details »

JavaScript Number Validation Example

In this JavaScript tutorial, we will validate the numeric value in the text box. Sometimes we need to restrict View details »

Struts 2 and Oracle Database Connectivity Example

In this example, we will create a Struts 2 application that will connect to the Oracle database. To connect Struts 2 application with database first of all View details »

How to enable or disable JavaScript in Chrome

Chrome browser allows you to turn ON or turn OFF the JavaScript functionality from the browser. Chrome browser always recommends for View details »

iText API - Underline and Strike-through Example in Java

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you will add an underline to a text and strike-trough a text using iText View details »

How to install Maven in Eclipse IDE

Maven is a build tool that is written in Java. Maven is used for proceed the project faster. It was developed by Apache Software Foundation View details »

iText API- Roman and Greek List Example

This tutorial will explain about how you will add a Roman and Greek list in pdf document using iText API and Java. View details »

iText API- Add Bullets in Unordered List PDF using Java

In the previous iText tutorials, you have seen how to add ORDERED and UNORDERED list in the PDF document. While creating the UNORDERED list you View details »

iText API- Ordered and Unordered List Example in Java

In this tutorial, we are going to create an ORDERED and UNORDERED list in the PDF document. iText API have List class inside the View details »

iText API‐ Protect PDF Document with Password in Java

In this Java tutorial, we are going to show how you will protect your pdf document with a password using iText API. PdfWriter.setEncryption() method is used to View details »