svn: There are unfinished transactions detected

SVN is a software versioning and revision control system distributed under an open source license but sometimes we have received the message like your SVN is locked or There are unfinished transactions detected while update/commit the changes.

Error Code: svn: E200030: There are unfinished transactions detected.

This is basically happens when you trying to commit or update the changes on the server and server is down/not responding/shutdown.

To resolve this type error you may use the following methods.

1- Cleanup

To cleanup the project do the following steps: Right-click on the project » Team » Cleanup.

svn: There are unfinished transactions detected

If the problem is still persist, you can go for the second oprtion.

2- Delete Lock from Table

SVN uses the SQLite database and maintains unfinished transactions in WC_LOCK table.

Step 1: Download the SQLite Personal and install it. To download it click here.

Step 2: Open the SQLite Personal and click on the File » Open Database.

Step 3: Select the wc.db file from workspace location » .svn » wc.db. Open it.

Note: .svn is hidden folder make sure you have enabled hidden functionality on your machine.

Step 4: WC_LOCK contains all the unfinished transactions records. Delete your records from here.

svn: There are unfinished transactions detected

Step 5: Restart your Eclipse and now you are able to commit/update the changes.

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