Pharmacy Tutorials

Human blood group and classification of ABO system

When blood from one person transfers to another person then donors blood should be matched with acceptor blood otherwise there is mismatching between to cause […] Continue reading »

What is pharmacy and Scope of pharmacy?

Pharmacy is the profession, which is the concern with the art and science of preparing from natural and synthetic sources, suitable and convenient material for […] Continue reading »

Introduction, Types and Symptoms of Diabetes

Introduction Diabetes! We normally call it high blood sugar or high blood glucose level. In our body glucose come from food that we eat and […] Continue reading »

Introduction + Classification + Pharmacological Action + Regulation of Release and Drawback of Glucocorticoids Hormone

Introduction Glucocorticoid hormone is a steroidal hormone. It releases from zona fasciculata layer of adrenal cortex of the adrenal gland. Glucocorticoid hormone is steroidal in […] Continue reading »

Source, Mode of Action and Pharmacological Action of Cardiac Glycoside

Cardiac glycoside having cardiac inotropic properties. Cardiac glycosides increase the myocardial contractility and output in a hypodynamic heart. It is not proportionate increase oxygen consumption. […] Continue reading »

Definition, Functions and Types of Enzymes

About Enzyme An enzyme is a biocatalyst synthesizes by a living cell. An enzyme is a protein in nature except for RNA because of RNA […] Continue reading »

Introduction and Uses of Diastase Enzyme

Diastase has come from the Greek word diastatis that means separation. Diastase is an enzyme that is present in malt, it is produced during germination of […] Continue reading »

Secretion of hormones from the Anterior Pituitary Gland

Hormones are secreted from an endocrine gland. Endocrine gland consists of a group of secretory cell that is surrounded by a network of a capillary. […] Continue reading »

Introduction, Type, Advantage and Disadvantage of Hard Gelatin Capsule and Soft Gelatin Capsule in Pharmacy

Gelatin capsule is first prepared in France by Mothes and Dublanc in 1834. It covers a method for producing olive-shaped and single-piece of a gelatin […] Continue reading »

Definition, Secretion, Regulation of Release, Function and Drawback of Growth Hormone(GH) in Pharmacy

Hormone A hormone is secreted from an endocrine gland. Endocrine gland consists  a group of secretary cell that is surrounded by a network of capillary. An […] Continue reading »

Introduction, Pharmacological Action/Function, Regulation of release and Drawback of Progesterone in Pharmacy

Introduction Progesterone is a gonadal hormone secreted from corpus luteum cell of ovarian follicle of female. It is steroidal in nature. Secretion of progesterone is […] Continue reading »

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