jQuery show hide toggle example

On this page, we will learn how to show and hide a specific image or block using jQuery. jQuery is the world’s most popular JavaScript Library. […]

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How to parse XML in Java

In this tutorial, we will read the XML file via DOM XML parser using Java program. DOM parser loads the whole XML document into memory. […] Continue reading »

How to Remove php, html Extension from URL using htaccess

Most of the time web developer does not want to show the file extension in URL. Now the problem is how to hide or remove […] Continue reading »

Struts 2 and MySQL Database Connectivity Example

This Struts 2 tutorial explains how to connect with the database using the Struts 2 Framework and save the details in the database table. We […] Continue reading »

The superclass “javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet” was not found on the Java Build Path

Most of the time Java Web Developers are facing the problem that javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet was not found in Java Build Path while using the Eclipse IDE. This […] Continue reading »

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