How to Remove php, html Extension from URL using htaccess

Most of the time web developer does not want to show the file extension in URL. Now the problem is how to hide or remove […]

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Spring AOP AfterThrowing Advice example using XML configuration

Spring AOP after throwing advice executed when a method exits by throwing an exception. Spring framework provides a marker interface ThrowsAdvice. There are not any […] Continue reading »

Spring AOP After Returning Advice example using XML configuration

This page will walk through the Spring AOP after returning advice example. After returning advice is invoked only on normal method return, not if an […] Continue reading »

Spring AOP Before Advice example using XML configuration

This page will walk through the Spring AOP before advice example using XML configuration file. Spring provides an interface MethodBeforeAdvice which help you to invoke […] Continue reading »

wamp- Could not execute menu item (internal error): The service has not been started

Sometime wamp server display the message in a popup window that “Could not execute menu item (internal error)[Exception] Could not perform service action: The service […] Continue reading »

Find first repeated character in a string using Java

This tutorial will help you to find the first recurring or repeated character in a given string. By asking these types of question interviewer want […] Continue reading »

Struts 2 login validation example using CAPTCHA

On this page, you are going to learn login validation using CAPTCHA in Struts 2 framework. CAPTCHA validation will help you to identify whether the […] Continue reading »

How to inject properties file data to bean in Spring

This tutorial will help you to inject the properties file data to the bean or class. The properties file stores the string type data in […] Continue reading »

How to count the frequency of a character in a string in Java

If you want to be a Java Developer and preparing for the interviews then this question is for you. Most of the time interviewers asked […] Continue reading »

How to create ZIP file in Java

This article will help you to compress files in ZIP format and create its new ZIP file. To do this type of utilities Java comes […] Continue reading »

Spring autowiring using @Resource and @Inject annotation example

In the previous tutorial Spring @Autowired annotation example, we have performed the autowiring using @Autowired annotation on field, setter method, and constructor. Now in this […] Continue reading »

Spring 5 method replacement example

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Spring method replacement. You can replace or override the existing method by implementing MethodReplacer interface. This […] Continue reading »

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