Miscellaneous Tutorials

How to create Password Reset Disk for Windows 7?

Password reset disk will help you to reset the password of your operating system when you forgot the password. Before creating reset password disk you […] Continue reading »

How to enable Hibernate option in Windows 8?

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system does not provide hibernate option by default. You need to enable it from the setting menu. To enable the hibernate option […] Continue reading »

How to customize command prompt in Windows 7?

In this Windows tutorial, we will guide you to personalize your command prompt in Windows 7 machine. Windows provide the customization feature, you can change […] Continue reading »

How to enable and disable JavaScript in Chrome?

Chrome browser allows you to turn ON or turn OFF the JavaScript functionality from the browser. Chrome browser always recommends for turn ON the JavaScript […] Continue reading »

How to create new user account in Windows 7?

In this Windows tutorial, we will help you to create a new user account step by step in your Windows 7 machine. Creating a new […] Continue reading »

How to create backup in Windows 7?

These days most of the people using the computer and store all the data in the computer hard drive. But they forget computer runs on […] Continue reading »

How to change default Author and Committer in Eclipse Git plugin?

In Eclipse IDE, most probably the default author and committer name for Git plugin is your computer name as shown in the below image. Note: […] Continue reading »

Types of URL pattern supported by Tomcat

This tutorial will walk through about how many types of URL pattern supported by Tomcat server or container. Tomcat is most popular and widely used […] Continue reading »

How to search Java, JSP file in Eclipse IDE?

In Eclipse IDE, you can easily search the Java, JSP and another resource file. To find any file in just type CTRL + SHIFT + […] Continue reading »

wamp- Could not execute menu item (internal error): The service has not been started

Sometime wamp server display the message in a popup window that “Could not execute menu item (internal error)[Exception] Could not perform service action: The service […] Continue reading »

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